Back in Surreywood!  Again!

June 18-20 Thurs 1-6, Fri-Sat 10-4


Richmond, Virginia 23235


Beautifully maintained, incredibly clean home with some very choice furnishings. Statton Dining Room, Henkel Harris Bedroom, and more! With some very choice consignments from this neighborhood, as well!


Due to the nature of this event, we will have large item loading assistance after noon on Saturday only.  Can’t wait to see you again!



2015 Richmond Magazine’s & R-Home’s Readers’ Poll!


Cash, checks & credit cards welcome!


 chairs lamps Bdrm desk



Thank you so much for voting for Gates Estates in Richmond Magazine’s R-Home 2015 Readers’ Survey “Estate Specialists” category. Number two out of 64 registered companies in the Capital City is a fine place to be. We really want to thank all of our clients and our shoppers as well. Most importantly, though, we thank all of the entire team that make the events happen. So a HUUUUGE “Thank You!” goes out to everyone involved. Norma and I are very happy and will continue to exceed your expectations. Just imagine what next year may bring!


coverpoll results



Gates Estates has been going strong now for five years and is here to help you in 2015.


Whether you need to manage the liquidation of an estate, downsize due to a move or simply declutter your surroundings, Gates Estates is just a phone call away.


“Please allow us to exceed your expectations.”



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