To the DIY-er… “If you build it…”

“If you build it, (they) will come.”

 Probably one of the most misquoted movie lines in recent years. Also, sadly, this is not true. Why would you want to hire a professional? One major point is that just simply putting a sign in the yard will not clear out the house. And especially will not earn you the greatest return.

We have a confidential email list in the thousands, we have a significant web-based presence utilizing,,,, AuctionZip of course, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, etc., with more coming as soon as they’re available for use.

We advertise in various targeted newsgroups, Facebook groups, and trade and collectors sites’ as well.

We will evaluate, organize, clean (when necessary), and display your home’s treasures in a visually appealing manner, and price all items at the highest competitive price possible, always with the thought in mind that all items need to sell within the allotted amount of time.

Market value of anything has many different determining factors.  Assessing the “value” of something usually involves researching the items themselves and then directly marketing to target groups that would be most interested in the items.

Having a desirable setting that customers wish to visit and presenting both it and the contents in both a beguiling and appealing way are key to attracting the largest pool of shoppers and ensuring the maximum number of buyers arrives, shops, purchases, and helps you achieve your goals.

 “Please allow us to exceed your expectations.”