Some Useful Information About “Values” Versus Pricing

Market value of anything has many different determining factors.  They can include, but are not limited to, the age, condition, completeness (packaging, labels, etc.), rarity/scarcity, and cross-interest marketing options.  Common sense may seem to dictate that the older the item, the more value that it would have.  Sadly, though, that is not always the case.  Many factors have compounded in the past few years that have allowed for once sought-after items to become less desirable than before.  With the largest age-based demographic in U.S. history moving and downsizing, items that were once more difficult to locate are less so.  As well, the exciting availability of items on-line through re-selling entities means that something which may once have meant countless charming afternoons and weekends haunting antique shops, bazaars and flea markets, can now be found with the stroke of a finger.  And not just one but many, all vying to be the most attractive offering, at the least expensive price, with reduced or no shipping costs to the consumer and on your doorstep in two days.

Assessing the “value” of something usually involves researching the items themselves to ascertain that they are being correctly identified.  That they are complete in their entirety, or if not, that the deficiencies are noted, researching and recording prices that are currently being achieved on a number of Internet sites, and the direct marketing to target groups that would be most interested in the items.

So.  Lots of stuff here.  We will do our very best to sell as much as we can, for as much as we can.  That is how we get paid but more importantly, it’s the job we’ve chosen to give to ourselves.


 “Please allow us to exceed your expectations.”