Gates Estates in Salisbury


Gates Estates in Salisbury!

Close date/time                                                                 10am 5 April 2017

Preview date/time                                                    10am-4pm 3 April 2017

Pickup date/time                                                         10am-3pm 7 April 2017

Gates Estates in Salisbury!  Big house, full!  Antiques, Midcentury Modern, Vintage, ELECTRONICS!  Tools, Silver, wow!  You WILL NOT WANT TO MISS this preview.  Cadillac El Dorado, GMC Canyon pickup truck, antique Dodge van (project!), numerous pieces of silver, some Tiffany, antique drop leaf banquet table with two removeable Demilune ends from H.C. Valentine, a broad collection of leather bound books both antique and recent, a mid-century modern teak dining table and chairs, hundreds of vintage near mint Matchbox cars, Shogun Warriors in boxes(!), Effanbee dolls, an antique Bailey, Banks and Biddle Chinese Chippendale clock, an antique Edison phonograph with records, antique and vintage avionics equipment, numerous antique-to-recent electrical testing equipment, an overwhelming quantity of vintage Zenith repair parts, tubes, cases, etc., public address and related equipment and microphones, a large variety of photography and professional moviemaking cameras and equipment, lighting and related accessories, movie and still camera lenses, sound mixing consoles, eight-track and cassette players and recording consoles, a variety of microphones and related cables, stands, etc., a large quantity of projection screens, numerous quality classic stereo receivers, turntables, and speakers, professional sound equipment cases, CB radios, police scanner, slide projector with numerous carousel trays, portable televisions, an overhead projector, reel-to-reel video equipment.  Equipment noted above includes makers such as Bogen, Calrad, Shure, JVC, Panasonic, Technics, Sony, Teac, Motorola, Pioneer, Fisher, Kenwood, Sencore, Simpson, Westinghouse, Aerotron, RMC, Epicure, Sennheiser, Gerrard, also, a variety of Direct TV equipment, many Compaq portable CPUs, computer monitors and printers, electrical, A/V, coaxial cabling and related accessories, a large quantity of soundstage and other extension cords, a megaphone, camping equipment, painting equipment, two garages filled with tools, chainsaws, 15-20 tool boxes (many nice tool boxes, all containing tools), stacking Craftsman rolling mechanics tool box set, shop tables, bicycles, etc.  This place must be seen to be appreciated. 

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