Gates Estates Returns to Glen Allen!

Close date/time 10 a.m. Tuesday 1 August 2017
Preview date/time 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday 31 July 2017
Pickup date/time 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Wednesday 2 August 2017

SHORT NOTICE! Don’t miss out! Great private condo community in Glen Allen! Clean, new, and CLEAN! Can’t say it enough! Everything is new! Terrific downsizing sale in upscale neighborhood! Tons of modern and contemporary furnishings and accessories, and loads of “Southern Living At Home” table and kitchen ware! Thirty-one! Great Pilates machine, too! Please remember that it is a great, private community, and this has been approved by the Board but we are still their guests, thank you. Should you have questions about items in this event or any of the particulars concerned, please contact Tim Gates at (804)347-0453 or, thank you. All jewelry, coins, currency, and precious metals will be stored securely offsite and returned only for preview and pickup. Please preview all collections and items for exact contents, condition, and completeness. Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole inch. Whenever possible, we will attempt to plug in/turn on appliances and electronics; however, please preview for working condition.

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