Gates Estates Returns to Ashland for a HUUUUGE event!  So huge, in fact, it will be more than one in this great location!  There are so many high-quality smalls that we will be breaking this up into a couple of different events and we will be using the “by appointment” option as well for both preview and pickup.  KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED AS WE CONTINUE TO ADD MORE “MUST HAVE” ITEMS TO THIS TERRIFIC EVENT!  There are more wonderful things than you can shake a stick at but don’t, please, there are so many fabulous finds you might hit one! Please be aware that this is a country home and you will not be able to park at the door but may need to walk the fairly level drive.  This second event will be on throughout the house so there may be steps involved.  All items located in BEDROOMS are on the second floor.  Also, we have been working on this NON-STOP for a long time now and some of the photos show a yard at early Autumn; that is now no longer the case and some of the perennials have begun to show the passage of the season.  Should you have questions about items in this event or any of the particulars concerned, please contact Tim Gates at (804)347-0453 or, thank you.

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• All jewelry, coins, currency, stones, and precious metals will be stored offsite until preview and pickup.

• Special arrangements are available for the removal of larger or complex-to-remove items.

• Please preview all collections and items for exact contents, condition, and completeness.

• Should something be listed as a “lot”, comprised of many items, please be aware that the winning bidder is responsible for the removal of all components of that lot.  Items left will incur a cost for removal to be billed accordingly.

• Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole inch, in general offered in Imperial inches, WIDTH by DEPTH by HEIGHT, where appropriate.

• Whenever possible, we will attempt to plug in/turn on appliances and electronics; however, please preview for working condition.

• All items, lots, or components of such are sold AS IS/WHERE IS, with you, the buyer solely responsible for its removal.

We do everything we can to illuminate any defects, however we may not always notice them ourselves.  If you find a disparity or discrepancy in our photographs or our descriptions, please let us know and we shall make every effort to correct the error.  We make every effort to be as accurate as possible in our identification and our description of the items, oftentimes using information from trusted professionals, family members, or other sources.  You, the potential buyer, are responsible for inspecting items prior to placing your irreversible bids.  We cannot be liable for any errors or omissions, on our part, in either labeling, cataloging, photographing, or describing these items.  If you have a question, please ask.

By continuing to bid you’ve hereby acknowledged that you agree to be bound by these terms, thank you.